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Omega Recycling Inc’s primary business is the brokerage of ferrous and non ferrous recycled metal.
Since inception, Omega has emerged as a global leader in the brokerage of recycled metal. Our suppliers and customers span the globe. On average, we ship approximately 500 containers per month of ferrous and non ferrous metal. Our export markets include China, India, Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore plus several other emerging markets. Omega Recycling recognizes that it’s own success depends on the successful execution of sourcing and delivering material to it’s customers around the world on time and according to specification. Our philosophy is to create a corporate culture that is designed to enhance the customer’s experience from the original booking all the way to the delivery of the material. Since inception, the Omega Recycling formula has proven successful with spectacular growth in the domestic and overseas markets. We are responding to the rapid growth of our business by adding key personnel to further solidify client relationships and enhance the efficiency of our internal systems.


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